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- How do I know which length to choose?

The lengths on our site are in inches, so you can measure yourself with the tape measure for best fit. Additionally, you can the photo below as a guideline. Keeping in mind it may vary with your weight/height.

- Can I change or cancel my order?

We do not accept cancellations or modifications of any order once it is placed. As soon as you place your order we begin to diligently work on your custom piece!


- When will my order ship?

Custom Jewelry:

Domestic: Please expect 3-5 weeks for delivery 

International: Please expect 4-5 weeks for delivery

 Fashion Jewelry & Boutique Items:

Domestic: Please expect 3-7 business days for delivery

International: Please expect 7-14 business days for delivery 

All orders are shipped with tracking and the tracking is emailed to the email address on your order immediately upon shipping. Please track your package carefully as once the tracking states delivered if you claim you didn't receive it we are unable to assist. You will contact your local post office for shipping issues/inquiries.

- Can I return my order?

We do not accept returns of any kind or provide refunds under any circumstances. If you receive your order and there is a discrepancy on our end , please notify us within 24hours of delivery confirmation and we will be more than happy to assist! Issues reported after the specified timeframe will be deemed invalid.

- How can I keep my jewelry shiny? 

- Do not wash hands, sweat or shower in it, get in the pool, spray perfume, or expose it to harsh chemicals or extreme humidity. Brass (fashion jewelry) does tarnish easily. Sterling Silver jewelry does eventually turn dark due to a reaction with gases in the air. However it is easy to prevent it from tarnishing by keeping it clean, dry and storing it in its enclosed packaging. Solid gold jewelry can be worn in the shower and during exercising however it is not recommended because it can lose its shine. If you do not adhere to the above instructions the jewelry may fade faster than normal.

- Will my jewelry have a reaction with my skin?

Our jewelry will NOT give your skin a reaction UNLESS your body has a natural chemical reaction to silver or gold (in other silver or gold jewelry you have previously worn). Sterling silver is 7.5 percent copper, which sometimes has a natural reaction to certain people's skin. This reaction happens more commonly with sterling silver than with gold. 

We are not liable for any issues with fading/turning as we ship your custom products in brand new condition and cannot ensure the care taken once it is received by the client. Additionally we are unable to assist with any reactions that might occur as we have listed the product materials on our site. We would be unable to confirm whether other products were a determining factor in a reaction therefore any reactions would be discussed with your allergist.

Please store in original packaging for best care.

Thank you for shopping!